Alyce LaViolette, M.S., MFT

Anger Management, Domestic Violence Counseling for Survivors and Perpetrators,
Gender Issues, and Expert Witness

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Personal Profile

Alyce LaViolette, expert witness, domestic violence counseling, gender counseling, speakerAlyce LaViolette has worked with the issues of gender and power over the last 39 years. She speaks on sexual harassment as well as other gender issues. Ms. LaViolette has worked with private clients who have suffered sexual harassment and hostile work environments. She has spoken on bullying and other relationships that involve imbalances in power. In addition, she has worked with battered women since 1978, first as an advocate at WomenShelter in Long Beach and then in private practice. In 1979, she founded Alternatives to Violence in Long Beach, one of the first programs in the country for spouse abusers. She specializes in Anger Management, Domestic Violence Counseling for Survivors and Perpetrators, and Gender Issues. She also provides couples' counseling, and a broad base of individual issuses. She also serves as an expert witness for criminal and family court.

Alyce LaViolette became an advocate and volunteer at the WomenShelter in Long Beach, Ca. (which assists women victims of domestic violence) as part of her graduate program at California State University at Long Beach in l978.  In l979, she was hired to create a domestic violence program for men who were abusing their intimate partners.  She developed and marketed Alternatives to Violence in l979.  She developed networks with the probation department, the criminal courts, the police department, social service and other domestic violence agencies.  She also began outreach into the community seeking both referrals and support for the domestic violence program and for WomenShelter.  Alyce became the community educator and volunteer coordinator for WomenShelter.  She chaired the commitee that sponsored the first domestic violence walk in Southern California and later co-chaired the Southern California Coalition's Walk-a-thon to end domestic violence.

In l980, Alyce, Carole Koehle, the supervisor of Adult Probation in Long Beach and Linda Gonzalez, the officer in charge of domestic violence division developed the first day-long training program for probation officers in Los Angeles County and later all over the state.  Alyce provided the training.  She appeared on local and national television and radio educating the public on domestic violence, the plight of battered women and children, the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their abuse, and helping them to change their beliefs and behaviors.  She recruited volunteers to staff the domestic violence hotline, provide shelter services and donate needed supplies and money.

Alyce began writing articles about the impact of domestic violence on women in l980 and continues to write articles on the victims and perpetrators of abuse. She is the co-author of one of Sage Publication's best-selling books, "It Could Happen to Anyone:  Why Battered Women Stay", currently in its second edition.  She has co-authored a parenting curriculum for the Administrative Offices of the Court entitled "For Our Children" and edited the California Association of Batterer Intervention Program's "Toolbox".  She was on the Board of the Association of Batterers' Intervention Programs(ABIP) and the California Association of Batterers' Intervention Programs(CABIP), and was a founding member and co-chair. Alyce worked to create legislation (with Senator Alan Lowenthal) developing standards for BIP facilitators.

She has developed domestic violence training programs for the Los Angeles and Orange County Departments of Children and Family Services.  Ms. LaViolette speaks nationally and internationally.  She has also consulted with governmental agencies in Japan, Israel, and Cape Verde, Africa.  She is a frequently requested conference and keynote speaker.  She has consulted with corporations and serves as an Advisory Board Member on the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. Alyce serves as an expert witness in criminal, civil and family court.  She has testified as an expert witness and consulted on issues as diverse as coercion in an inheritance case, to homicide, other felonies and child custody.

Alyce has received numerous awards for her work, including the Humanitarian Award from Peace Over Violence, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Statewide California Coalition on Battered Women, the Ending Violence Award from Rainbow Shelter Services, Champion of Hope Award from WomenShelter of Long Beach, the Alumni Award from California State University at Long Beach, proclamations from Los Angeles County and the State of California. Alyce recently received a proclamation and was honored by the City of Long Beach for her work in the field of domestic violence.

In l984, Alyce took the Alternatives to Violence program into private practice. She currently does a broad-based private practice in Long Beach and Los Angeles, including expert witness, couples, family and individual therapy, with specialties in conflict resolution, anger management, gender issues and intimate partner violence.

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Alyce in Action


"Alyce is a brilliant presenter! She is truly able to engage and inspire an audience to think a little differently about violence against women issues than before. Her experience is vast and her perspectives are insightful and deep. But she is always practical and realistic, too, and not without humor! After hearing Alyce talk, you want to get up and change the world!"
--Susan Omilian, attorney and author of Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse.

"If you haven't heard Alyce speak before, you definitely need to attend this one - and if you have heard her speak before, you certainly won't want to miss it!"
--Paula Cohen, Past President of End Abuse Long Beach

"Alyce is an excellent presenter. Her presentation was very clear and extremely informa­tive. I have been in the field of domestic violence for a few years and I was very impressed by her knowledge and expertise. Alyce also has a wonderful sense of humor."

"The instructor was insightful, open, and was able to interject humor, which made it easier to open up to a difficult subject."

"Wow. Great presentation! Powerful material."

"I liked the "imagine yourself" aspect but I also appreciated the more informative aspects of this lecture. Thanks for the handout and including some empathy for the perpetrator and males as victims."

"The Instructor was experienced, organized and funny. She kept things going with excellent illustrations. She also had a wonderful attitude."

"Alyce has a unique gift for presenting sensitive material in an enjoyable way. The day went fast."

"Great speaker with a wealth of information and expertise."

"She gave us new and pertinent ideas that I could take back and use immediately."

"Best seminar, on this topic, that I've ever attended!"

"Through her experiential approach to the subject of family violence, the issues involved became very real for me."