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Intimate Partner Violence(IPV)

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place, on the College Campus, and in the Community


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What Others Say

Dear Alyce,
In the past three years of facilitating our DV 40 Hour Training, you have been an absolutely positive reinforcement for all of our advocates.
Your approach to the subject matter of Alternative to Violence, your experience and knowledge of the abuser/batterer’s state of mind and your determination to put an end to domestic violence from this perspective have inspired many of our attendees to follow in your footstep.
I just want to ‘thank you’ for your patience and your willingness to put together a presentation that not only accommodates our training but also stimulate, motivate and encourage out participants to move forward with compassion to assist all that needed help in the field of Domestic Violence.
Thank you, Alyce.
Nina Taweepong
Executive Assistant WomenShelter of Long Beach Domestic Violence Resource Center
Alyce LaViolette was the featured speaker for one of our programs on Intimate Partner Violence. In this still-new era of virtual meetings, Alyce stands out for her ability to discuss difficult topics while creating a safe space for participants--some of whom are processing complex emotions related to experiences with intimate partner violence. She covers much ground in one hour but gives depth and realism to key concepts balanced by practical advice.
We are grateful for Alyce LaViolette’s expertise and capacity for empathy.
Stelet Kim & Jeane Relleve Caveness, Ph.D. Co-Presidents
American Association of University Women (AAUW), Long Beach Branch
If you haven't heard Alyce speak before, you definitely need to attend this one - and if you have heard her speak before, you certainly won't want to miss it!
Paula Cohen, Past President,
End Abuse Long Beach
Testimonials, praises for Alyce on Domestic Violence Speaking
Alyce always delivers a great, informative, and entertaining presentation. We always feel like we added another knowledge set to our tool box.
Paul Sharpe, Program Coordinator,
End Child Abuse Long Beach
Alyce is a brilliant presenter! She is truly able to engage and inspire an audience to think a little differently about violence against women issues than before. Her experience is vast and her perspectives are insightful and deep. But she is always practical and realistic, too, and not without humor! After hearing Alyce talk, you want to get up and change the world!
Susan Omilian, attorney and author of Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse.
Testimonials, praises for Alyce

"The instructor was insightful, open, and was able to interject humor, which made it easier to open up to a difficult subject."

"Wow. Great presentation! Powerful material."

"I liked the "imagine yourself" aspect but I also appreciated the more informative aspects of this lecture. Thanks for the handout and including some empathy for the perpetrator and males as victims."

Alyce trains and educate the abused and perpetrators

"The Instructor was experienced, organized and funny. She kept things going with excellent illustrations. She also had a wonderful attitude."

"Alyce has a unique gift for presenting sensitive material in an enjoyable way. The day went fast."

"Great speaker with a wealth of information and expertise."

"She gave us new and pertinent ideas that I could take back and use immediately."

"Best seminar, on this topic, that I've ever attended!"