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Private Counseling

Alyce LaViolette, M.S., MFT

Alyce LaViolette, M.S., MFT, Counseling

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Alyce provides Private Psychotherapy and Clinical Counseling for:
Survivors and Perpetrators of abusive relationships
Adult survivors abused as children
Victims of crime, trauma, sexual assault, and battering
Anger and Anxiety
Trauma survivors
LGBT and gender issues
Couples Conflict Resolution Counseling
Couples Conflict Resolution Counseling

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Alyce Offers
Men's Anger Management and Domestic Violence Groups

Alternatives To Violence is a non-residential counseling program in Long Beach and West Los Angeles for the survivors and perpetrators of abuse as well as other victims of crime and trauma.
Alternatives to Violence
Services include Court Approved programs:

The Program

Group Counseling for men who have anger management problems

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The Team

Founder of Alternatives to Violence - Alyce LaViolette Alyce LaViolette, M.S., M.F.T.
Began her work with battered women in 1978 and founded ATV in 1979 as a non-residential counseling program in Long Beach and West Los Angeles for the survivors and perpetrators of abuse. She has published on this topic and co-authored the book: It Could Happen to Anyone: Why Battered Women Stay
Team member for Alternatives to Violence - Marc Sadoff Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD
A Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for the California Society for Clinical Social Work since 1989; on staff at Alternatives to Violence co-leading the men's batterers group since 1988.
He also has many years of clinical experience treating families, children and adults.
Group Therapy for Perpetrators

Do I really need 1-year in Group???

Attending 52 weeks in weekly 2-hour counseling sessions may seem like a long time, but consider how long it took to develop abusive behaviors.

In many cases, six months is needed just to start opening up and feeling comfortable with examining how you got to this point.

Changing a lifetime pattern is like undoing an emotional reflex or learning a second language emotionally.


Are Perpetrators Born or Victims of their Environment?

An abusive man reveals how his father created abusive behavior.
But his life was turned around with counseling.



Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Can stand alone as a stimulus that induces fear

He'd smile at me in this funny kind of way when he was really angry, and then all hell would break loose. I still get scared when I see that smile, and I stop whatever I am doing.
He'd be quiet.
It was a very loud quiet. I'd always say, Are you OK? Is anything wrong?
He'd always say everything was OK, but I knew I was in trouble.
Sometimes the quiet would last a while - two or three days a week. And sometimes it would end quickly with an ugly remark, yelling, or worse.
But that quiet was like the quiet before the storm, a signal telling me I had been bad and would be punished.

Resources for Domestic and Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Children's Advocacy