Alyce LaViolette, M.S., MFT

Anger Management, Domestic Violence Counseling for Survivors and Perpetrators,
Gender Issues, and Expert Witness

Long Beach Office:

6621 E. Pacific Coast Highway Suite 220
Long Beach, CA 90803
310 968-4203   562 493-1161
562 596-6443 FAX

West Los Angeles Office:

2211 Corinth Ave. Suite 309
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Benefits of Group Therapy

Alyce LaViolette, 1999

  1. Opportunities which are new (not previously experienced)
  2. Expectation of honesty, openness
  3. Place to express thoughts and feelings
  4. Group of peers wanting to eliminate violence
  5. Place to learn new rules about having relationships
  6. New skills encouraged
  7. Numerous sources of feedback
  8. Become mentors (most men do not have nurturing experience which allows empathy to develop)
  9. Develop empathy
  10. Identify with other men
  11. Spread out emotional dependence (decrease dependence on partner)
  12. Reinforces his competence emotionally
  13. Provides supportive interactions
  14. Place to practice new behaviors, verbal skills, etc.
  15. Provides environment where it is acceptable to break taboos and challenge beliefs associated with traditional gender roles and masculinity
  16. Acceptable for men to admit that their abusive behavior does not work
  17. Confrontation by peers - once group is cohesive, confrontations by other members is indispensable in producing change
  18. Confronts self-centeredness - men have to share time - become aware of other's needs